Hi! We’re so glad you’re here!

We think there’s a massive disconnect between beginner blogger and going pro and we want to be that “next step” for you!

I’m Richie, the homeschool blogger you’ll come to know, and hopefully love, throughout your journey with Homeschool Blogger Talk.

No one ever stops learning. There are no gurus out there who “know it all.” And if they claim to be, turn and tuck tail and run as fast as you can in the other direction!

We’re here to support each other on this blogging journey. It doesn’t matter how long (or little) you have been blogging – you can always use a friend that uplifts you and cheers you along.

I’m Richie!

I’m a homeschool mom of three kids. I’m also a single mom. I’m not sure which one is harder, but I do know that both are a lot of work! I’m grateful for every day that I get to spend with my kids. They make me laugh and they make me cry, but they always make me happy.

After my third child was born in 2018, I started looking for a creative outlet/hobby. That’s when I started blogging at Homeschool and Humor which is still thriving today! I also have a “side” beauty blog at Mom Beauty Life that doesn’t always see the light of day, but it’s there and slowly getting grown as time permits! (I think we all have fun projects like that!)

A few years later, I paved the way towards event management and creating online summits for homeschool moms worldwide with Homeschool Mom Summits! Pre-homeschool life, I was in sales & marketing for multimillion dollar hotels and conference centers for over 15 years, so the online event management realm came rather naturally to me. Plus, I have my degree in marketing (with a focus on creative writing!) which also serves its purpose. I’d never dreamed I’d be utilizing it in the online space, but here I am. And loving every minute of it!

As a serial business owner, I thrive on helping others build their brands through collaboration and community – which is why I’m so passionate about Homeschool Blogger Talk. Through the podcast and website, I hope you find gems throughout that can support you through your journey.

If you’re looking for that “next step” in your business or you’re just starting a homeschool blog, then this is for you – you’re in the right place. Through Homeschool Blogger Talk, I’m here to serve as your personal cheerleader and coach, singing your praises as well as giving your constructive feedback and ideas. If you want accountability on what you’re doing, join our mastermind!

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